Welcome to the Gaslighting short film awareness campaign. This website outlines why this film (based on true events) was produced, who it will benefit and how you can help.

The campaign is focused on the subject of youth offending and child abuse. It is designed to bring awareness to the statistical link between childhood sexual abuse and youth crime. We hope this awareness campaign and the completed film will promote tolerance and empathy toward those young offenders society has marginalised.

With recent cuts in government spending, the completed film will promote public support for organisation and charities such as the newly formed Gaslighting Youth Programme, Kent Community Organisation, ChildLine (NSPCC), Angelight Trust, Kent Film Foundation, and many others. All of which bring important counselling, rehabilitation schemes and educational programmes to young offenders and excluded youth. With your support this film will promote the important work these charities do and give one young girl a chance to have her story heard.

Please support this campaign by being an active producer or simply by donating or sponsoring the production.

The Awareness Campaign

When we talk about promoting awareness we aren’t just talking about highlighting the correlation between child abuse and youth offending, or just promoting national and local charities. We are also promoting the need for community cohesion and youth opportunity.

With so much recent negative press, this film will give Thanet the opportunity to campaign against poverty and put a stop to child abuse. Distributing the film nationally will reach a large audience and will highlight the message that the excluded youth in Thanet need help.

Statistical data shows that Margate's Cliftonville West is one of the most deprived areas in the South East and in the top 2% of deprived council wards in the UK. Unemployment is twice the national average and it has high numbers of adults on benefits. Thanet is Kent's most deprived area and ranks 49 out of 326 local authorities in the UK. It is also the 2nd most deprived local authority district in the South East region (out of 67), making it amongst the top 20% of the most deprived areas nationally. In 2010 Cliftonville West ward saw the greatest increase in the proportion of income deprived children, going from 46% in 2007 to 62% in 2010.

It is clear to see that as one of the UK’s most deprived areas Thanet needs committed youth charities like the Kent Film Foundation and Kent Community Organisation to tackle the root cause of youth crime and anti-social behaviour. These charities need more funding, more resources and more publicity. Most importantly they need the support of the local community. All of which could be achieved by this film.

‘Custody is expensive and often ineffective. Despite improvements in recent years, 72 per cent of children released from custody go on to re-offend within one year.‘     Barnardos Charity

‘Four out of five children aged 11-17 (82.7%) who experienced contact sexual abuse from a peer did not tell anyone else about it.’ Barnardos Charity

‘One in six children aged 11-17 (16.5%) have experienced sexual abuse.’ NSPCC Charity

    1. Gaslighting Campaign Film wrap party and launch of New Music Collective (East Kent). A whole evening of original live music. All local acts both acoustic and electric.

Entry via a £10 donation
Block of 10 tickets...£70
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Wrap Party Champagne Reception tickets...£100
Free to cast & crew!
 NEWS: Gaslighting Wrap Party - Saturday, 1st March 2014

New Collective Music

The Black Cat 

Westcoast Bar

1st March

for tickets sales call 07763-817-329 / 07861-415-139 
or buy tickets at The Black Cat after 6pm
    1. Please encourage all your friends and family to attend. Celebrate the film and your local talent! All ticket proceeds will be donated to the Gaslighting Campaign. Raffle and charity auction to be held on the night.

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