How to Donate


Personal donation of £1 or more you can be donated via PayPal click hereFor larger sums or BACS transfer please contact our campaign manager.


If you’re a UK taxpayer, you can increase the value of your charity donations by choosing to donate through ‘Gift Aid’. As a taxpayer, you’ll already have paid tax on any money you donate to charity. When you donate, the charity will ask you whether you want donate through Gift Aid - if you do, they’ll be able to claim back the tax you originally paid at the basic rate of 20%. Example: You earn £125 and £25 tax is deducted from this at the basic rate of 20%. This leaves you with £100. You then donate the £100 to charity through Gift Aid. The charity can claim an extra £25 (the tax you paid at basic rate) from the government to make your total donation £125. Make sure you’ve paid enough tax. If you give through Gift Aid, you need to make sure that you’ve actually paid the amount of tax that the charity will claim back. For example, if you donate £100 in a tax year, you must have paid at least £25 tax over the year.