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‘You make a film to distract people, to interest them, perhaps to make them think, perhaps to help them be a little less naive, a little better than they were.’ - Claude Chabrol


online child abuse awareness


Internationally, child sexual abuse and exploitation continues to grow. This is particularly true of online abuse where ever-more-sophisticated digital tools protect anonymity and where apps encourage children to engage in risky behaviour. Focusing further up stream, on prevention and public awareness, Being Shame explores grooming on the dark web, the ‘victim to offender cycle’ and sex offender rehabilitation.


increase in online child abuse during lockdown

Nearly 9m attempts to access child sexual abuse material online were made in the UK last month during the coronavirus lockdown, according to an internet watchdog. The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), a British charity that identifies child sexual abuse content online, said it had blocked and filtered at least 8.8m attempts by UK internet users to access videos and images of children suffering sexual abuse during April alone. READ ARTICLE

A hotline for reporting suspected child abuse material online had a record month in September, with calls increasing 45%, driven by the shift to working from home and more time spent online, an internet watchdog has said. The UK-based Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), which identifies child sexual abuse content online, said it processed 15,258 reports from the public in September 2020, a record for the charity and up from 10,514 in September 2019. READ ARTICLE


child sexual abuse (CSA) awareness


  • starring Stephen Graham


starring Stephen Graham play film, 22min

GASLIGHTING has had over 500,000 online views and over sixty 5 star survivor reviews.



Mike is a celebrated, multi-award winning, director and writer. His credits include Secrets & Lies, Happy-Go-Lucky, Another Day, Mr. Turner, Topsy Turvy, Vera Drake, Happy Go Lucky and most recently Peterloo.


Clint has scored over thirty award winning features, including Moon, The Wrestler, Definitely, Maybe, Blood: The Last Vampire, Loving Vincent, Happy New Year, Colin Burstead, Titans, The Fountain, Noah,  Filth and Black Swan.

  • Stephen Graham
  • Molly Edmead
  • Hannah Walters & Reggie Beak
  • Reggie Beak & Shantell Winsbury
  • Seamus O'Neill
  • Seamus O'Neill & Millie Winsbury
Stephen Graham
Molly Edmead
Hannah Walters & Reggie Beak
Reggie Beak & Shantell Winsbury
Seamus O'Neill
Seamus O'Neill & Millie Winsbury




‘Like being hit in the stomach! As a former victim of abuse along with my three children and my grandson, this abuse needs a light shined on it. It took me three tries to watch it through but I did it for my loved ones. I still have three granddaughters that I hope have never suffered from this type of ab I talked openly about the subject to my children and grandson, it still happened to all of them. But it was me they told, I never spoke of the abuse I suffered until I was in my 30s. I got them into counselling right away and highlighted it was not their fault. That is the take away for me, they told me what had happened! They felt safe to tell me something that was so humiliating. I have to believe it was my talks with them that made them feel comfortable in saying something. This film may make others aware of the signs why these poor innocent children are acting out. I hope that this film is shown in schools, maybe movie theatres before the major movie are shown. It is uncomfortable but turning our heads the other way is only leaving our children at risk! We can't afford to bury our heads in the sand any longer!'


‘Gripping the reality of what DOES actually happen! The reality of what really does go on in our very sick society, I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and I can say that this does happen, in fact on my estate that I grew up on in England, the local paedophile worked with youth in the local youth club, and yet most people knew he was a sex pest, he had been in prison I don't know how many times, for having under age sex with very, very young girls. We must fight as a worldwide society, to bring down the perpetrators, it is the silence of this world, that allows this to happen, where as if we come together in voice, hopefully we will bring the numbers down, as well as the culprits themselves! Let’s work to  #stopchildabuse PERIOD!’ 

Nicola Cole

‘If you cringed, you're one of the good ones. If this film made you cringe, cover your eyes, gasp or even cry then you are one of the good ones. This movie is a raw depiction about how the system, parents, teachers and caregivers continually fail children who have been abused. I am a survivor of sexual abuse havinggrown up in a cult in America. Sexual abuse shatters the very core of a child. I am a firm supporter of anyone who works with children being required to go through an intensive course on recognizing the signs of sex abuse in children. Anger is not a base emotion. Pain is. Anger is the projection of that emotion. GASLIGHTING is a perfect example of what society must face in order to bring about change in our world. We cannot ignore the horrors that are being wrought upon the most innocent of Earth's inhabitants. These children deserve to have a safe space. Children deserve care, love and protection. I hope that you walk away from this film realizing; that teenager you can't stand, who you think is so horrible, is most likely in even more horrible pain. Beneath their sullen silence, the lashing out, the self-harm and inability to communicate, is a child needing someone to help them know how to handle it and cope through it. We must support them. Thank you for making this film. Thank you for caring. I am a child advocate, proudly and vulnerably telling my sex abuse story. I appreciate you for this work. We need you.'

 Vennie Kocsis


My Mother was funded by Screen South and the UK Film Council through the Digital Shorts programme. The short film was selected in competition at festivals worldwide, winning Best Short Film at the London Independent Film FestivalBest Director at Euroshorts Film Festival and Special Jury Mention at the A Corto di DonneBusho and Houston International Film Festivals. It was also screened at Brief Encounters, Isle of Wight, Rushes Soho and Cracow Film Festivals.


starring Susannah Harker, Joanna Scanlan & Georgia Groome


Best Short Film Winner at the London Independent Film Festival & Best Director at Euroshorts Film Festival

SYNOPISIS: Betty, 80, suffers from advanced dementia. Her daughter, Janet is forced to face the frailty, dependency and ultimate loss of the mother she loathes…and in doing so, acknowledges that history may repeat itself with her own children.

  • Susannah Harker
  • Georgia Groome & Susannah Harker
  • Joanna Scanlan
  • Elsie Batterbea
  • Peggy O'Gara & Susannah Harker
  • Elsie Batterbea
Susannah Harker
Georgia Groome & Susannah Harker
Joanna Scanlan
Elsie Batterbea
Peggy O'Gara & Susannah Harker
Elsie Batterbea