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The Sue Lambert Trust

The Sue Lambert Trust supports male survivors of sexual abuse. In 2007 Norwich Rape Crisis amalgamated with M Power to form Sue Lambert Trust in 2013.

6, Music House lane, Norwich NR1 1QL. Mette Ohrvik - CEO
Tel. 01603622406


'Yes this film can be very difficult to watch but sadly this is the stark reality for unknown numbers of children. This is the exceptionally frightening world in which some children have to survive, and none of the content of the film came as a surprise to me. We know that being sexually abused within your family will have a devastating effect on children from all backgrounds. It is how society responds that is interesting - the film highlights that it is not only perpetrators who fail children - it is also professionals. Helping a child does not work if it based on telling the child what is wrong with them and firing lots of questions at them - rather it is about building a relationship of trust, and giving the child space to talk in a way that is bearable for them. It is very, very difficult for children to acknowledge to themselves that they have been abused by their carers, and the child must be made to feel safe if professionals are going to find out what is really going on' - Mette Ohrvik, CEO