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NWG Network - Tackling Child Exploitation (Say Something)

The NWG Network links professionals involved in creating the best response for children, young people and their families who have been subjected to child
sexual exploitation.

NWG Network Headquarters, Suite 2, Innovation House, Riverside Park, East Service Road, Raynesway, Derby DE21 7BF
Tel. 01332585371


'Child sexual abuse and exploitation are horrific crimes which take advantage of the power imbalance between an adult offender and a child victim. Offenders use that power to render the victims helpless and unable to look for a way out. This film captures the plight of those children and shows how they sometimes try and deal with the abuse they are suffering. It is an excellent reminder for professionals and communities to look beyond the presenting behaviour of children and young people, to keep an open mind and consider some of the horrific reasons that may be behind their actions and emotions' - Phil Ashford, CSE Response Unit / Operational Lead