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Clint Mansell

Film Composer

Clint’s first feature film score was for the movie Pi, the success of which brought him Requiem for a Dream. Requiem for a Dream won him industry recognition and an OFCS Award for Best Original Score. Clint has since scored over thirty award winning features, including Moon, The Wrestler and Definitely, Maybe. Other previous films include Blood: The Last Vampire and The Fountain, for which he won the Best Original Score awards at the CFCA Awards, World Sound Track Awards and Broadcast Film Critics Awards. Clint scored Elaine’s short film, My Mother, and has worked with first time directors as well established directors on blockbusters such as Sahara, Doom and Blue Knight. He has also been nominated for many film festival awards, as well as a Golden Globe and DVDX Award. Recent feature film credits include Russell Crowes new movie Noah and the critically acclaimed films Filth and Black Swan.