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'Gaslighting speaks to the fundamental structural problems which depict a failed system where far too often girls are caught in the matrix of institutional atrocities and become collateral damage. The cries of indigent girls are often silenced. The film speaks volumes to the overarching themes of systemic abuse, state violence, and gender inequity whenever poverty prevails.

What is more troubling, is how we expect a child to navigate several collapsed institutions at one time without becoming a martyr within their communities. Brooke setting the house on fire metaphorically speaks to her life experiences. The fire embers in Brooke's life were full steam ahead before the film progressed but we only bare witness to the fire. Far too often the fate of girls is perforated by institutional systems that have caused egregious damage. We have to begin to question can institutions protect and serve as they were designed, without deepening harms. Until we take the covers off the implicit biases girls will continue to be shackled while silently hanging in the balance.'


INC is a collective of post incarceration national council members who create and manage state wide projects that provide service to those incarcerated, previously incarcerated and their families. INC national council members teach in universities nationally, Work as consultants for media around criminal justice and serve as aids in the construction of legislation, community programs and educational outreach events nationally.

Those previously incarcerated are disenfranchised and marginalised in society more then any population by working together; Incorporated #WEmakeCHANGE...INC projects provide those incarcerated and the community with legal assistance, support, food, clothes and shelter, their families with transportation, education around their family members conditions of confinement, legal and logistical support to keep the family together during our members incarceration period and through their reintegration. Our students teach inside of correctional facilities nationally and are educated on the conditions of confinement and the collateral consequences of those they assist.