IMPART PICTURES...campaigning to stop child abuse

The Gaslighting Project

The Gaslighting Project is a short film campaign created to bring international awareness to the complex issues surrounding child sex abuse, paedophilia and sex trafficking. The campaign goal is to create change through a considered online PR strategy and a community of international affiliates. The campaign is promoting the important work of national organisations and charities dealing with these difficult issues, while educating the public and empowering children. The campaign is being promoted through various online and social media platforms, including film festivals and cinema screenings. Gaslighting is the first of three short films.

The Gaslighting Campaign has been endorsed by film industry heavy weights Jonathan Frakes (STAR TREK) and Clint Mansell (NOAH, BLACK SWAN). The Gaslighting short film, starring Stephen Graham (BOARDWALK EMPIRE, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN) has attracted industry endorsement from Pinewood Studios, Halo Post Production, Lipsync Post, Panavision and Panalux.

Proceeds from screenings are donated to a youth charity in Margate and international affiliates to provide important support, rehabilitation schemes and educational programmes.