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SHE - Supporting, Healing, Education

SHE supports childhood sexual abuse victims 16+. Offers holistic range of support for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, exploitation and sexual violence. Bespoke training and events for organisations and companies who would like to know more about these areas.

1, Byron Street, Mansfield, Notts. NG18 5NX


'The video is a tough watch, but is a really well put together film that really focuses on the consequences of this crime. It's message is loud and clear : abuse ruins children's lives. Just as the case for many victims, there is no happy ending : she didn't disclose to the well-intentioned youth worker, and she didn't get her sentence reduced for trying to kill the grandad. It's powerful stuff and rams home why organisations such as ourselves simply have to exist. We think it's a very brave and powerful insight into the lives of who knows how many children' - Nicci Robinson, CEO