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Eighteen and Under

Eighteen and Under offer a confidential support line for young people aged 18 and under.

1, Victoria Road, Dundee DD1 1EL
Tel. 01382 206222
Tel. 07707531976


'I find it incredible that in practically a matter of days we as a society can go from compassion and patience towards a vulnerable and disadvantaged child to disgust, anger or impatience towards difficult or offending teens and young adults. The drug addict on the street so easy to detest, the middle aged woman that just won't get a grip and recover from mental illness, the rude disruptive pupil, the prostitute on our street. No one chooses freely to be unhappy. To be in and out of prison. To be trapped in the mental health system. To be addicted to drugs. Yet far too often we blame rather than empathise. We judge rather than understand. And we turn our backs rather than ask why. This film I think portrays that beautifully. A clearly intelligent and obviously disadvantaged young woman is always getting in trouble and no one bothers to ask - why? And she inevitably falls through the huge cracks. Something that we have learned through our own work at 18U is that children and young people are often waiting for the right person to ask. To say the right words to enable them to disclose what is happening. But far too often nobody does and the child doesn't tell until well into adulthood. Offering a confidential service can be what it takes to empower young people to talk. But sometimes it just takes enough understanding to ask. I think this film might just ignite the spark of empathy in some people. Might raise just enough awareness for a person to open their eyes and look at the whole picture rather than the broken window. And might just push the right person to ask why at just the right moment. I think every teacher and social worker should watch this film. Well done to all involved and thank you for sending out sparks' - Keiran Watson, Eighteen and Under