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Counselling Directory is a website dedicated to supporting you on your journey. While we all have our own ways of coping, information and support can make a huge difference. At Counselling Directory, we believe everyone deserves happiness and know how daunting asking for help can be - but we’re here to help. Wherever you are on your journey, know that change is possible. Our team is passionate about counselling and want to promote the huge benefits talking therapy that have. We know how important it is to find a counsellor you resonate with, and we are dedicated to making that process as easy as possible.


'The film is shocking and heartbreaking. We are unsure of how to put our response into words, except that it brings all emotion to the surface, leaving you silent. While it is known that these issues exist, watching the scenarios in a film make you realise just how serious it is. The problem is real and something needs to be done to prevent these children living such a life. It's important we focus on the cause of the issue, not the child themself. Their behaviour is often a response to what they have experienced - how else can they react if they believe nobody is there to save them? The Gaslighting film will stun and shock, but it is a film we recommend everyone watch. Unfortunately, it is not only a fictional story - it is real, it is happening and things need to change.' - Ellen Hoggard