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Justice For Children Without Voices (JFCWOV)

Justice For Children Without Voices (JFCWOV) is an organization whose mission is to bring awareness to child abuse and neglect in light of prevention, education and support. They regularly attend educational seminars and strive to pass the information on to help educate the community about the nature, prevention and consequences of child abuse and neglect by being a voice for our children. They advocate and dedicate their knowledge in the hope to help save the next child from abuse or neglect. Their vision is that all children will grow up happy, healthy and loved.

Founded by Dawn Staples in April 2015. They are here to advocate for ALL our children. From abused, neglected, missing and murdered. Children don't have time to wait, that's why WE advocate! Virginia United States

"The video Gaslighting not only grabs your attention and makes you understand how some victims of abuse may feel, and just why they may act out, but it also grabs your heart. It brings awareness to the complex issues surrounding child poverty, troubled youth and child abuse. We at Justice For Children Without Voices advocate daily and our goal is to raise awareness. There is no sugar coating the epidemic of abuse our children face. Gaslighting is bringing awareness by using dramatic films based on true stories. We encourage you all to take a minute to watch how this child felt during her abuse. The facts are one in six children between the ages of 11-17 have experienced sexual abuse. Encouraging victim disclosure by listening and believing and public awareness of these issues is the primary goal of our mission and also this campaign. Let's all unite and show our support. Thanks for the hard work and dedication!!!"

Dawn Staple, Founder