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About Us

Impart Pictures is committed to producing social awareness films that are topical, challenging and based on true stories. Like Participant in the U.S.A., the Impart team focus on stories with socially relevant themes that inspire audiences to engage in positive social change, while unifying activism, creativity and impact.


‘Participant’s content and social impact mandate speaks directly to the rise of today’s “conscious consumer,” representing over 2 billion consumers who are compelled to make impactful content a priority focus. Through its worldwide network of traditional and digital distribution, aligned with partnerships with key non-profit and NGO organisations, Participant is positioned uniquely within the industry to engage a rapidly growing audience while bringing global awareness and action to today’s most vital issues.’ - Participant

Impart Pictures first production, Gaslighting, spearheaded an online child abuse awareness campaign, supported by high profile ambassadors Mike Leigh and Clint Mansell. Gaslighting is based on a true story and was created as a campaign film for charities to use for awareness and educational purposes. Highlighting the complex issues around childhood sexual abuse and youth offending, the film is about a young girl, Brooke, who from the age of eight has been in the “system” - social services, youth offending, care and penal. Her story is an important reminder of why some children offend and the underlying causes. Although uncomfortable viewing for most, this story is a sad indictment of a "system" that often does not work, and a reminder how we, the British public, need to rally parliament to acknowledge the link between poverty, child abuse and youth offending.

The Gaslighting Campaign has had over 500,000 online views and over 60 five star audience reviews, most from survivors.

Impart Pictures create partnerships with producers, charities, activist groups, impact businesses, institutes and organisations, as well as promote social media awareness campaigns for each project internally produced, co-financed and distributed. The Impart strategy is focused on rigorous affiliate marketing targets and social impact measurements.


‘You make a film to distract people, to interest them, perhaps to make them think, perhaps to help them be a little less naive, a little better than they were.’ - Claude Chabrol