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Family Matters

Family Matters offers counselling, listening and information to adults and children aged 14+ who are survivors of sexual abuse.

13, Wrotham Road, Gravesend, Kent DA11 OPA
Tel. 01474536661


'Your film depicts the real risk of society missing the warning signs of a young person who is in difficulty. A young person who suffers from sexual abuse will undoubtedly suffer from rapid changes in personality, it's as if they are on an emotional roller coaster, which may make them depressed and anxious, and in turn this can affect their schooling, sleeping, and even induce suicidal thoughts. They may repeatedly practice at-risk behaviours such as, taking drugs, drinking, self-harming, sex, shoplifting, violence, or other criminal acts. They may exhibit mental health problems like depression, anxiety, or eating disorders. Considering that many of our young people do not tell anyone what is happening we must learn to recognise it ourselves. It's very important that the youth courts and professionals involved in these young people's lives understand the underlying motive for such behaviour and the grooming process, in relation to the child and the carers. Recognising behaviours that differ from normal young people's developmental issues is a key factor in helping the young person. We first must understand the difference between normal adolescent development and more serious behaviours that highlight a problem is occurring in a young person's life. Let's not punish our young people for a crime that someone else commits' - Mary Trevillion, CEO