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'All too often the perception of youth offenders is that they’re ‘troublemakers’ with a lack of respect for authority and society. But children aren’t born ‘troublemakers’: children see and children do. When a child is behaving in ways which contravene society’s views of what is ‘normal’ or they are lashing out at the world, we need to turn our attention away from the behaviour and towards the possible causes. All too often the parent is the first person to be blamed, but as you see in this film, sometimes the parent is as blind to the cause as the authorities. Sometimes the parent is all too aware of the cause, but is powerless to prevent it reoccurring, despite their best efforts. This film places you directly in Brooke’s shoes and connects you with her world and how she sees it. In a world where she has no power and her voice is lost, she takes action in the only way she can see how.' - Gill Gibbons, CEO


Pace works alongside parents and carers of children who are – or are at risk of being – sexually exploited by perpetrators external to the family. We offer guidance and training to professionals on how child sexual exploitation affects the whole family. Pace helps parents to understand what is happening to their child and how parents can be the primary agents in helping their child disclose and break away from child sexual exploitation.

Pace has a long history of working collaboratively with the police and social services and looks forward to further cooperation with more agencies. We offer training and guidance for best practice.