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Ian Elliott Safeguarding Consultant

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'Thank you for making this film which in a short time conveys the shocking reality of so many children's lives. Most people in society prefer to not see what is happening around them. This deliberate myopia does not help and ends up making the vulnerable even more vulnerable. It needs to change and it needs to happen now. Open your eyes and look. This film helps us to do that.' - Ian Elliott - Safeguarding Consultant


I offer a consultancy service in the field of safeguarding children based on nearly forty years of professional social work experience. I can also provide advice and guidance in relation to particular safeguarding scenarios that your organisation may have. Through the experience that I have gained in my career I can design safeguarding services for organisations that seek to comply with best practice standards with particular emphasis on transparency and accountability. Through the introduction and adoption of an audit process, organisations can learn from their experience and use that as a basis for improving and strengthening the quality of their practice. Based on the principle that experience should be learnt from, I can help organisations to prevent repeating mistakes and errors of judgement'.