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Eddie is only 29 and a convicted online predator. After eighteen months of prison rehabilitation therapy, he is released back into society a changed man. Like all addicts, he must avoid the triggers to remain abstinent. Bolstered by his Probation Support Worker, Circles UK Volunteer and Therapist, Eddie embarks on a journey of self-actualisation and atonement. A journey undermined by his dominant and divisive mother, Brenda. 

When Eddie is housed on his own, far from schools and playgrounds, Brenda begins a campaign to have him returned to her. She agrees to attend the family therapy sessions but denies her son is a sex offender – he has never touched a child after all! Brenda blames the children for filming themselves and accuses the parents of neglect, insisting Eddie has been scapegoated. Her denial threatens his recovery, as accountability lays at the heart of his treatment. 

Eddie’s recovery is threatened when he is questioned by the National Crime Agency over their investigation into Richard Huckle and a network of paedophiles operating on a dark web network called, ‘The Love Zone’. In 2015 the F.B.I. and N.C.A. embarked on the largest law enforcement hacking operation to date, obtaining over 8000 IP addresses from 120 countries. Eddie is one of these 8000 users, and the law has just caught up with him.  Having being exposed as a prolific collector and producer of first-generation material on the ‘Love Zone’, Eddie is given an ultimatum by the N.C.A. – reveal the encryption passwords on his hard drives and help them safeguard the children he abused, or go back to prison with the children still at risk. Knowing the hard drives will expose him to further charges and longer prison time, Eddie must choose - will he atone for the past or live with the shame. A difficult decision to make in the wake of Richard Huckle’s recent murder in prison.

Eddie chooses the path of redemption, for the first time putting his victim’s welfare before his own. In doing so pushes himself and Brenda to the last frontier of his therapy – his mother’s complicity in his own sexual abuse as a child. The place where this all started. An accusation Brenda rejects, denying the abuse ever took place. The day Brenda rejects him, Eddie is told that the N.C.A. have found and safeguarded one of his victims. With a long prison sentence imminent, his mother’s denial and no admission of his childhood trauma, Eddie’s addiction is triggered. Will he abuse or accept his fate?