Geoff Thompson

'Gaslighting is a savage piece of film making, with world class performances and production values. This is a subject matter that desperately needs to be brought to the public domain. I wholeheartedly endorse this film and it's production, and I hope other people support this incredibly brave and potentially life saving project'

Geoff Thompson is a BAFTA award winning writer. He has written forty books (published in 20 languages), five multi-award-winning films, three stage plays (he was invited into the prestigious Royal Court writers Group) and hundreds of articles, many published in national magazines and broadsheets. Geoff's autobiography 'Watch My Back' was adapted into a major motion picture Clubbed.nIt premiered in London's West End and Paris and was nominated for a BIFFA award. He has also adapted his first novel, Red Mist, into a feature film for cinema. Geoff's third feature film for cinematic release, (Romans) has been optioned by The Tea Shop & Film Company in London, and his latest stage play (Fragile) premiered at the Belgrade Theatre in 2012 to 5 star reviews.  

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