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IMPART VOD is an online campaigning platform set-up to inspire change and encourage social awareness. It is aimed at film-makers, creatives and campaigners who use film as medium for social change.

Campaigning is usually only done when all else has failed. It involves a conversation with society, persuading people to support a movement. For the campaigner it means setting up and sustaining a strategy positioned to catch peoples attention. If politics is the 'art of the possible', campaigning is the science and art of changing what is possible. Do it right and a film campaign will succeed in inspiring people - laying the foundations for change! Do it without drive or incentive and a poorly focused campaign will simply run a ground.


Impart VoD is aimed at campaigners and film-makers driven by issues, social injustices or simply motivated to look at topics that (even in today’s society) are considered taboo. Impart VoD is first and foremost an online social awareness campaigning platform. It is designed to harness the unique online power of short films to benefit charities that often cannot afford to produce honest and emotive visual material to promote their cause.

Once a short film has completed the film festival circuit, it is often put online amongst the noise, unable to find an audience or create any impact. Our VoD platform allows film-makers to share their powerful stories with campaigners and new audiences worldwide, no matter what year the film was produced.

Our mission is to promote short films to revive, share and create impact. We achieve this by allowing each international charity and activist group to “hijack” any film campaign on our platform and utilise the materials for their own awareness campaign (while linking an international network of “cause specific” campaigners and creating collective action!). VoD revenue and donations are generated by each affiliate directing traffic to the campaign website (donations) and VoD site (screening fee/donation).  When submitting to Impart VoD for online distribution, producers apply as campaigners first, film-makers second, and will be required to follow our campaigning and social impact strategy. 
Please contact us for a detailed brochure.